Happy Holidays

Saturday, December 14, 2019 No comments
On the last day of school, we had fun doing Christmas activities, tidying our classroom and eating iceblocks!  Dr Galloway visited our class with the band and we listened to Christmas carols.  Merry Christmas everybody.  Have a happy holiday!

Louis' Learning Commitment

A festive Louis shared his Learning Commitment with us today.  He had made some really cool things with Lego.  Well done Louis!

Amelia's Learning Commitment

For her Learning Commitment, Amelia made a wonderful book full of gorgeous photos of flowers.  Well done, Amelia!

Library Books

Wednesday, December 4, 2019 No comments
All library books are due back tomorrow please (Friday 6th December).  Thank you!

The Models Show

Today we went to a fun show called "Hats off to the Models".  The children in the Models made amazing hats and modelled them on stage.  Some of the hats were very funny, especially the popcorn one!